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Drugs with your bacon?via Mandy Stoller

Taking LSD for breakfast makes you better at your job

Silicon Valley professionals are taking the drug at work to increase their productivity levels – who next?

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What do I eat for breakfast? Usually PB and J toast and a massive coffee – which is apparently where I’m going all wrong. Forget the caffeine if you’re prepping to kick arse at work. Class A drugs are where it’s at in the fast lane 2015.

The news is that having LSD for breakfast can apparently help with anxiety, headaches and also increase your concentration. Rolling Stone reports that Silicon Valley professionals are taking the drug at work to increase their productivity levels. A growing number of workers are taking “microdoses” of the psychedelic drug to improve their concentration – and apparently they’re getting amazing results.

So how much is a microdose exactly? Well, apparently it’s between 10 and 15 micrograms, which is about a tenth of a normal dose. Obviously you wouldn’t be able to work if you were in the middle of a trip. This is something very different.

A young guy called Ken who works at a tech start-up in San Francisco is quoted as saying, “I had an epic time. I was making a lot of sales, talking to a lot of people and finding solutions to their technical problems,” after taking a solid microdose on the job.

Dr James Fadiman, who worked with LSD in the US until it was banned in 1966, said that there has been a consistent increase in the number of people who are “microdosing”. He told Rolling Stone that the typical user is an “ubersmart twentysomething” who’s curious to see whether it will help him or her work through technical problems and become more innovative.

This isn’t just crazy experimentation by a bunch of overworked, insanely qualified Americans. Particularly in the past few years, there have been a lot of studies showing that we’re missing out on the potential benefits of drugs, such as treatment for mental health issues or problem solving. Professor David Nutt, for example, earlier this year found that psychedelic drugs could be highly effective in treating depression and alcoholism. Potentially in the future, these avenues will be better explored and less restricted by legality issues.

Are we going to have LSD with our avocado bagel anytime soon? Probably not in the Dazed office. But if something comes along stronger than coffee and less illegal than acid, @ me.