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National emergency? Just bring in the cats.via Tumblr

Belgians respond to terror raids with Tumblr cats

An official order for citizens to not tweet anything that could help terrorists resulted in a national outbreak of pussy pics

On Sunday evening, there was an “imminent threat” of a terrorist attack in Belgium. The police asked citizens not to tweet about the armed operations that were being carried out around the country while they searched for suspects in the aftermath of the Paris attacks. Any misguided tweet could have given suspects information. “For security, please respect the radio silence on social media concerning the police operations underway in Brussels,” the police wrote. “Thanks.”

And so the #BrusselsLockdown began on Twitter. Instead of tweeting any bits of info, the people of Belgium began posting cat pictures. Just a lot of cat pictures. Some were imagining the prime suspects. Others brought in cats as reinforcement. The capital’s metro and schools are shut today, with people advised to stay indoors. By the looks of things, there’s cat tweeting to be done from home, so it ain’t gonna be a wasted day.