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Over 100,000 women in Texas have self-induced an abortion

With pro-life politics as strong as ever in the Southern States, the masses are turning to illegal drugs, herbs and getting punched in the stomach to end their pregnancy

The pro-life vs pro-choice war has been raging in the US for a long time. Now shocking news has come to light revealing how women in the south have been getting by. According to a new report on abortion practices in Texas, between 100,000 and 240,000 women have tried to self-induce abortions. This means looking to alternative and dangerous methods to end a pregnancy, including using illegally sourced misoprostol, herbs and illicit drugs, getting punched in the abdomen and taking hormonal pills.

Why is this a problem for Texan women specifically? More than a half of the 41 abortion clinics that were open in 2012 have been shut down in the last three years, probably as a consequence of the Texas House Bill 2. Known as HB2, the law went to effect in 2013 and caused drastic changes to access to reproductive health care, requiring all clinics to be ambulatory surgical centres. The shrinking number of abortion centres as well as logistic and financial problems might have pressured more than 100,000 Texan women to have to have abortions without medical help.

It’s clear pro-life politics are out of control when women are putting their very lives at risk to end their pregnancy. Presently the Texas House Bill 2 is being challenged in front of the US Supreme Court by providers who would like to overturn it – which will make it one of the most important abortion rights cases that the US has seen in decades. If there’s one positive thing to be drawn from this research, it’s that it’s likely to have a significant impact on the ruling.