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anonymous mask outside Eiffel Tower
@josh06108 via Twitter

Anonymous has declared cyber war on Isis

The hacker collective has launched its ‘biggest operation yet’ in retaliation against the Paris attacks

Days after the tragic Paris attacks that claimed the lives of more than 100 people, the hacker group Anonymous has sent out a warning: terrorists should “expect” them. As is typical of the mysterious hacker collective, who outed 1,000 alleged Ku Klux Klan members earlier this month, the announcement comes via a YouTube video, delivered by a man in a Guy Fawkes mask, speaking in a deliberately obscured voice.

Speaking in French, the messenger declared they will hunt them down in what will be the group’s “biggest operation ever”. The video has been watched almost a million times, and thousands of people have shared tweets about Anonymous’s call to action. 

“Anonymous from all over the world will hunt you down. You should know that we will find you and we will not let you go,” they said. “We will launch the biggest operation ever against you. Expect massive cyber attacks. War is declared. Get prepared.”

“The French people are stronger than you and will come out of this atrocity even stronger,” the voice added.

This is nothing new in terms of a warning from Anonymous. Following the Charlie Hebdo attack in January, the group announced a similar attack on the extremists responsible. Following that announcement, the group hit Isis with hundreds of hacks. Who knows if the hackers will be as successful this time.