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Erik Madigan Heck

How to protest police brutality with dance

Artist and photographer Erik Madigan Heck believes the new film is 'very positive'

Police brutality has become a hot topic in the last few months. Officers are bodyslamming schoolgirls, choking the LGBT homeless, or just straight up killing unarmed teenagers – with even more stomach-churning stories being chucked up every day. “It seems like every four or five days, you turn on the TV and see another death,” Erik Madigan Heck explains. “I can write a Facebook rant, but everybody does that, and I don't think it would be helpful.”

Despite his despondency, Heck has decided to try a new approach. The artist and photographer has taken on the recent spike in brutality with new short The Enemy – a New York-shot film which pits a suspect and a police officer against each other in an new and (very) unexpected way.

Shot for and premiered on, the three minute piece was a collaboration with choreographer Elena Vazintaris, and uses dance to represent and challenge power struggles and racial tensions. “I see this film as very positive. It's left pretty open, but pointing toward reconciliation,” Heck added.

You can watch it for yourself below.