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Courtney Demone Instagram freethenipple
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The trans woman challenging Instagram’s nudity policy

Model Courtney Demone is shedding light on the double standards of social media with her new ‘#FreeAllBodies’ project

Facebook and Instagram have been coming under a fair bit of fire recently for their strict approach to nudity. Male nipples and violence are fine – but women's nipples? Sorry, that's a no no. In fact, the subject has become so hotly-contested – see #freethenipple – that Instagram were even forced to release a statement justifying their decision. 

One person who's keen to address these resulting double standards is Courtney Demone. The trans model, who is currently undergoing hormone replacement therapy, has been documenting her body's changes on both social media sites, in a bid to discover when her nipples will be deemed “female” enough for censorship.

“At some point my breasts are going to be big enough that these social media networks will have deemed them worthy of censorship,” she told BuzzFeed Canada about her project, “#FreeAllBodies”. 

“Their polices are to censor topless women’s bodies and they’re not doing it to me, what assumptions are they making about me?”

Currently, the only exceptions that Facebook and Instagram will allow are breastfeeding or post-mastectomy shots. Demone is hoping to not only expose the ridiculousness of this – after all, it's just a boob guys – but also to open up the discussion to a more diverse audience; eventually bringing into question the way these sites see gender, as well as nudity. 

“One of the things that I’ve been trying really hard to do is making this aspect of my transition not about the medical side of things, not about the personal side of things, but about the loss of privilege,” she stressed.

“If I get the opportunity to talk to somebody from Facebook or Instagram, that would be my dream.”

Demon's images have yet to be censored – she suspects that it could start to happen around day 200 of HRT – but her project has already inspired other trans women to reclaim her #DoIHaveBoobsNow? hashtag, and challenge the problems that lay behind these policies.

You can follow Demone’s project on her Instagram and Facebook profiles.