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@lenadunham via Instagram

Lena Dunham forced off Twitter by body shamers

The actress says someone else is now in charge of her account and she doesn’t even know her password

You’re on the internet right now, so you know what it’s all about. Some aspects of it are good, some are earth shatteringly bad. Twitter is one such part of the internet that breeds and nurtures abusive, low-follower, egg avatar people whose sole mission appears to be arbitrary misspelt missives launched against whoever they feel like it that day. Lena Dunham, creator of Girls and editor of Lenny, has had enough.

After uploading a photo of herself in a sports bra and Calvin Klein boxers to Instagram and detailing her "rough week" in the caption, Dunham became the victim of relentless body shaming from people she doesn’t know.

While Dunham has remained on Instagram, the ordeal took her off Twitter, a place she believes is a more harmful breeding ground than the photo sharing site. In an interview with re/code, Dunham told Kara Swisher: "I don’t look at Twitter anymore. I tweet, but I do it through someone else. I don’t even know my Twitter password, which may make me seem like I’m no longer a sort of genuine community user. It really, truly wasn’t a safe space for me."

Discussing the picture she uploaded, Dunham said: "It wasn’t a graphic picture. I was wearing men's boxers and it turned into the most rabid, disgusting debate about women's bodies, and my Instagram page was somehow the hub for misogynists for the afternoon."

Dunham was famously outspoken on Twitter during the deplorable Fappening – given that at one point it was clearly a valuable platform for her to share her opinions, it’s a shame that she’s been forced off. Why do some people make trolling their sole contribution to the world?