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Life & CultureThe surreal nihilism of möth memes, öur new favöurite thing
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MusicCharli XCX yelling at her audience inspired Twitter’s most wholesome meme
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MusicNicki Minaj went in on just about everyone, because Queen isn't number one
Natalie Walker
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Donald Trump and Kanye West
MusicKanye West loving Donald Trump is the apex of reality TV
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Science & TechSpeaking to the stans (and haters) who obsessively follow Sophia the robot
kelly rowland
Science & TechIt’s official: Twitter is a toxic place for women
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FashionPinpointing the exact moment Jonah Hill become a fashion icon
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Science & TechTwitter’s feminist ad campaign hasn’t gone down well with actual feminists
PoliticsA teenager is documenting the Syrian civil war with Twitter selfies
Screen shot 2018-02-07 at 09.43.40
Life & CultureThe surreal meme page laughing at hyper-masculinity in deepest Facebook
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Jack is complicit
PoliticsProtesters project anti-Trump message onto Twitter HQ
talib kweli
MusicTalib Kweli posts racist’s address, Twitter suspends him
Screen Shot 2017-11-06 at 10.35.05 AM
Science & TechWhy can’t you search #bisexual on Twitter?