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Grindr sexbots might be stealing your information

Watch out – fake profiles on the dating app are luring UK men in only to give their phone e-STDs

Be warned, there are fake profiles out there to get you on Grindr. And we’re not just talking about old dudes with deceptive pictures and model headshots (although they’re lurking too). The app is having a problem with spambots.

Users have been left angry when hot men they're chatting to turn out to be fake profiles that give their phone a virus. Several men have reported falling prey to the bots that are targeting UK users and possibly putting their personal information at risk.

First they start talking to users about their “really nice dicks”. Then the bots get them to click on a link to a fake webcam site, which installs a virus on their phone.

“It’s not a natural conversation flow,” one of the victims told Pink News. “So it seems suspicious, but equally convincing enough to be real.”

It might not be a Grindr user’s thought to assume one is talking to a bot, but there are ways to look out for them. Firstly, the model-like profile picture. Secondly, it's been reported that the bots have have their heights set at completely weird heights. Like, under 3 foot. Some have reported "weird names" like Herbert.

A spokesperson for Grindr told PinkNews that the website is “definitely aware of spambot activity” and assured they are working on making security improvements. But in the meantime, watch out for sketchy behaviour and test people with some curveballs.