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Want to stare at pictures of your ex? Thought not

Introducing Shryne, the app that laughs in the face of emotional closure

Here’s a traditional break up method – split up, stop seeing person, stop looking at pictures of said person. Distance – both mental and physical – is an important feature on the road to closure. However, some of us are inherently mawkish and the opportunity for a frenzy of feverish ex-remembrance is too good to pass up. So how to make that easier?

Shryne (creepy!) is an app that lets you archive all of your exes, your shared texts, Instagram posts, Facebook conversations and emails in a handy space on your phone. You can flick between failed relationships, charting exactly how and where it all went wrong to your heart’s content. It archives everything you ever shared digitally into one long feed that you can endlessly scroll down while you cry and get pissed with your cat.

The app advertises itself as "stylish" and promises to preserve your memories until you are "ready to remember them again". As many wise people have said, don’t go around opening up old wounds. Is there really anything to be gained by looking back through failed relationships and brilliant, unattainable memories? Well, it could be argued that if you were the cause of the break up then Shryne could function on an educational level. Why do you keep losing people? Is the point where you sent 37 texts in 15 minutes all saying "why don’t you reply to texts?" Maybe you can learn from this archive of failed love.

Overall, we think that this is probably a bad idea for your mental wellbeing. What if you‘re looking at Shryne at "the good times" and you see your ex-partner post photos on Facebook of them and their new lover. It’ll all get too much.

We’d say that there are better ways to deal with heartbreak, namely friends and rebounds.