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Putin wants to ban emojis

Putin is trying to ban ‘gay emojis’ in Russia

According to Russian officials, the small cartoon icons are ‘gay propaganda’ and must be stopped at all costs

In a new chilling development for the prosperity of gay cartoons in Russia, Vladimir Putin wants any emojis that could be see to promote an LGBT lifestyle to be banned. Emojis! Russian government officials say that LGBT emojis encourage “untraditional sexual relations among minors” and “harm their health and development”. As of yet, it’s undecided which ones are going to get the chop.

Does this happen? Do emojis encourage sex? Has the aubergine been banned? Are they harmful? The Russian media watchdog Roskomnadzor thinks so, and has asked for an investigation into the rising use of “gay emojis” on social platforms as it’s worried that the small pictures might violate the countrywide ban on the “promotion of non-traditional sexual relations” Roskomnadzor is also concerned that children who use and see these emojis might “form disrespect for parents and other family members”.

The Russian watchdog is concerned that “innocent” children might be corrupted by emojis whilst they browse social media. Hate to break it to you, Putin, but there are much more provocative things on Twitter than emojis of same sex couples holding hands and, as the aubergine emoji has proved, people on social media will always find different ways to depict sex.

h/t: Vocativ