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Birthday sad picture

Facebook just made ‘Happy Birthday’ way easier (and sadder)

Now you can just text the social network the number ‘1’ and it’ll post ‘Happy Birthday!’ on your friend’s wall

Fed up with taking time out of your day to wish your friends happy birthday? Everyone knows that feeling when you see three or more birthday notifications in the top right corner – you’re going to have to use up a lot of creative juices churning out a few personal and unique birthday greetings. You’ve got shit to do. In steps Facebook with a way around the issue – just blandify it, babe.

Facebook knows we’re all busy, so it’s invented an easy way to wish your mates ‘Happy Birthday’ It texts you with a reminder and all you, the birthday wisher, has to do is text ‘1’ back. Facebook does it for you, saving valauble seconds.

Got any friends who you don’t properly like enough to whip up a personal greeting? Life just got a whole lot easier. This is 21st century, boys and girls: automated well-wishing through Facebook, reminding each other we exist via machine-generated birthday messages.

Now you’re gonna find out who your real friends are and we’re all gonna have to work out ways to wish our mates happy birthday without them thinking Facebook did it.