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GIFs to have sex by
Yoshi SodeokaCourtesy of Faith Holland

Does this GIF make you feel like having sex?

GIFs to have sex by is a ‘visual mixtape’ of 40 artists offering up libido-boosting images for your next sexual encounter

Red may be the come-to-bed colour that will increase your chances of luring a potential playmate back to the bedroom, but what about once you get there? For the sexperimental arthounds among us, there are now “GIFs to have sex by”. As in, you haven’t lived until you bang with these looping in the background.

This Saturday, to close multimedia artist Faith Holland’s exhibition “Technophilia” at Brooklyn’s Transfer Gallery, there will be a screening of all 40+ libido-boosting GIFs from just as many artists. “From the abstract to the explicit, the soft curves to the hard lines, these artists offer up some imagery for sexual encounters of all kinds with oneself, lovers, and your favorite devices,” states the Facebook event page.

“‘Technophilia’ includes Holland’s ‘Visual Orgasms’ – a series of looped moving images that playfully expose popular media’s pressured attempt to make sex visually consumable. New installation work from Holland will also be on display along with two new large-scale ‘Ookie Canvas’ abstractions composed of collaged cum shots which Holland collects from pornography and her own open call for submitted photographs.”

GIFs to have sex by is at Brooklyn’s Transfer Gallery Saturday, July 11