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Not Alone film, a girl crying about gay marriage
Someone actually crying about confessing she’s anti-gay marriage

This anti-gay marriage video could be the worst film ever

‘Not Alone’ is a video of people crying and confessing their big secret – they don’t want gay people getting married

How do videos like this slip through the net? How do people come together to create something without one of them saying, "Dudes you know what, this is gonna get really laughed at and I think it’s kind of wrong actually, I'm not sure we should do this"?

Not Alone is a short film created by political group Catholic Vote, made by a group of people who we assume are Catholic, people who have something big that they want to confess, something that they’re concerned could change their lives forever – they’re against same-sex marriage. "We’re here because we have something to say and we’re no longer afraid to say it", reads the caption underneath the video.

Over a soft, piano plus strings instrumental the group take it turns to speak out. "It’s too important to me," says one. "I know a lot of people who are gay", says another. All of them unite behind the same idea: "I believe that marriage should be between a man and a woman".

Oh FFS, pack it in. You are not oppressed, you are not in trouble. Yes, people might raise eyebrows at the idea that you, some person, feels compelled to appear in a heartbreaking video "confessing" your big secret, that you value outdated, cruel traditions over the happiness and freedom of fellow human beings.

Not Alone acts like it’s a safe space for people to come out with a secret that’s controlling their lives. It takes the language and themes of struggle and reappropriates them for an issue that affects the individuals involved a negligible amount, if at all, except maybe attaining the disapproval of others.

"Bigoted is a huge word that gets thrown around," says a man from the film. I guess it might be because of videos like this one. Check it out below.