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Wes Anderson, please cast more people of colour

Whoopi Goldberg railed against Anderson’s white-washing and duly offered her services as the perfect solution

Meet the potential star of the next Wes Anderson movie: Whoopi Goldberg. She’s ready, available and god could Anderson use an actor of colour.

It was on a recent episode of The View – while interviewing actors Adam Scott and Jason Schwartzman for new film The Overnight – when conversation naturally turned to the eccentric director. Goldberg talks about Schwartzman being somewhat of a Wes Anderson film fixture (Schwartzman has appeared in five of his films and three of his shorts). Then, she goes on to call out Anderson on the general white washing of his casts in only the delicate, humourous way she knows how.

“So I noticed there’s not a lot of folks of colour,” Goldberg says of his films, speaking in her best Valley Girl accent. “And I thought, I would like to give you my résumé to give to Wes Anderson. That’s to let him know I’m available.”

Schwartzman takes her CV, examines it briefly, and responds like the true gent he is. “Let me tell you one thing: I don't mean to make you uncomfortable, and I'm sure a lot of people tell you this, but to me, you mean an awful lot because you are an incredible person who has given me so many things to be excited about and interested in and fascinated by, so thank you, for all of your work, truly.”

Whoopi Goldberg will sadly not be slipping back into her habit for the Sister Act remake, so we can only hope he passes it on to Anderson (Goldberg as a quaint eyebrowless nun, anyone?) Watch the clip below.