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Artwork by Hannah PrebbleCourtesy of Hannah Prebble

Using the zine as a weapon for female sexuality

Casual sex, career roles, porn and eyeliner: the artists using their publication as a platform for discussing the nitty gritty details of girl life

PinkSpex is your new favourite pink-tinged zine. A paper production of sexuality as seen through women’s eyes, the publication is a culmination of several sketch sessions exploring, in the words of founders Jordana Globerman, Hannah Prebble and Marja de Sanctis, “casual sex, true love, parental concerns, domestic roles, career roles, eyeliner, loneliness, porn, expectations and a million other shapers of identity.”

“It’s basically about seeing things from a female perspective. Pink is the stereotypical female colour and specs (or glasses) represent our viewpoint on the topics we’ve addressed. We made the ‘P’ a different shade to the rest of the word so we could allude to sex, as it is an important topic within sexuality, which is what the zine is all about!”

Inspired by fellow female powerhouses like Frida Kahlo, Tracey Emin and Angelique Houtkamp, as well as hip hop, skate culture and rude boys on Prebble’s estate, each artist has used their own distinct talent to create a collective 36 pages of black-and-white original artwork. Globerman’s illustrations take inspiration from IRL experiences, yet takes a step away from her personally, whereas Sanctis and Prebble use their work as an autobiographical medium to voice their viewpoints.

PinkSpex will be sold courtesy of Julia Scheele’s new feminist publishing collective One Beat Zines where, within its pages, keen readers will find a plethora of super fun X-rated post-secrets, the truth behind Disney and illustrations of what it’s really like surfing the crimson wave. And although PS goes pretty heavy on the femme issues, the trio are quick to explain: “I think sexuality and experiences of it are very personal regardless of gender, and everyone has the right to express,” adding, “We did not intend to exclude men at all! Perhaps this could prompt some gents to make a response!”

PinkSpex is available from One Beat Zines now