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Hecker Lecker Sound Voice Cinema
Courtesy of PAN

Why are so many artists making records?

The ten fine artists making pieces of vinyl beautiful enough to hang on your wall

The world of editions is gaining constant speed as the objects, prints and ephemera around art making becomes ever transitory. Vinyl is one art medium that is seeing a strong return. These are ten of the most interesting recent releases to grab.


When Shaw released his film work Variation FQ, inspired by the stylised monochrome 1960s aesthetic of Norman McClaren and featuring the exceptional vogue star Leiomy Maldonado, the art world stood up and applauded. Two years later, the soundtrack from this influential piece, which predated FKA twigs et al, is being given a new lease of life from art vinyl specialists Vinyl Factory. Jeremy Shaw’s former music project Circlesquare is an indication of his aural talents.


This is the first vinyl release from Edition Muta and it’s an impressive start. The record captures a lost recording of the late West Coast artist and founder of cult art magazine Semina, Wallace Berman talking about art, books and his work at his home in Topanga Canyon in 1968 with his wife and friends including poet Jack Hirschman. Listening to this is like hanging out on a historical sofa and smoking weed.


Anything that Mark Leckey does is gold – geek fans can track down the soundtrack to Fiorucci Made Me Hardcore which got a vinyl release last year. Art vinyl publisher PAN has just released this collaborative performance pieces from artist Florian Hecker and Leckey – the former twisting Leckey’s talking Samsung fridge into abstracted electronica. A mutant collaborative vinyl work that is worth snapping up fast.


This vinyl art piece is less about the record itself – chilled out electronica by two Berlin acts Parra for Cuva and Trashlagoon – than about the artwork by Elmgreen and Dragset. Released as a limited edition pieces by their gallery, the vinyl is packaged in a ripped card sleeve containing another sleeve resembling a slice of a tree. (Artists Thomas Ruff and Monica Bonvicini created an environment for the launch). A progressive gallery stepping their edition toes beyond mere reproduction. See Gerhardsen Gerner for more.


Christian Marclay’s last show at Whitecube also produced a series of records again created by Vinyl Factory who launched their in gallery record press during the show. Of all the events recorder and released on vinyl (each in a different coloured sleeve) this is the obvious choice to check out. Everything was made live in the space – from the recording to the screen printed cover. So good, it's already out of stock.


Primary Information is probably the best independent art publication publisher in America and its steps into artist vinyl are just as exciting as their reissues of Avalanche magazine, Anthology of Concrete Poetry and recent release of pamphlets. Cannibal is a trio of artist-musicians – Cary Loren, Cameron Jamie, and Dennis Tyfus. Most excitingly Jamie, reknown for his meticulous approach to printing, created the cover for the work. Listen then frame.


Italian London-based artist Seb Patane has always split himself between art and music – often creating exhibitions and projects that intersect the two. His 7", which features his unique multimedia neo-modernist drawing works on its cover, was commissioned by The Attic at One Thoresby Street. The double A side limited edition piece sounds like Alistair Crowley making deep, electronic, drone. Scary, hypnotic and rather amazing.


Artists Paul McDevitt and Cornelius Quabeck’s record label Infinite Greyscale is a great source of experimental aural artworks. This latest record by Erik Bünger, out 5 June, is based on a 1948 recording of a paranormal recording of man speaking in tongues. The original disk had written upon it “dangerous! do not play!” and was cut backwards. The 10” (also cut backwards) is being pressed to white vinyl, single sided, with the B-side having a purple screen print of the message from the original disk. Eek.


Paralaxe Editions is a label based in Barcelona who produce work that sits well in an art context. Co-founded by Dania Shihab and Manuel Carvalho, their spaced out, abstract dance vinyl release from Manta (aka Carvalho) is a beautifully produced vinyl work with cover art by Thomas Albdorf – that sits well alongside their art book and tape publications.


Primary Information is releasing this record in September but with artists this good – Richard Hamilton and Dieter Roth – it's worth giving a mention in advance. The double 45 released originally in 1976 was part of a series of collaborative works the artists made. It features both artists voices and on guitar – as well as vocals from Chispas Luís, a Cadaqués dog noted for his bark.