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Picasso censorship Women of Algiers (Version O)
Fox 5 News' conservative approach to cubist boobs

Fox News refuses to #FreeTheNipple, censors Picasso artwork

‘Women of Algiers (Version O)’ sold at auction for £115.2 million, but the TV channel declared the breasts out of bounds

Picasso has broken a world record for the most expensive painting sold at auction when "Women of Algiers (Version O)" went for £115.2 million at Christie's. I like art and everything, but actually imagine spending that on a painting. What's even more ridiculous is Fox 5 News' coverage of the record-breaking auction.

The painting depicts a woman displaying her breasts, with disembodied bums and boobs scattered across the rest of the canvas. While reporting the auction, Fox opted to blur the offending body parts, just in case the sex-hungry abysses we call our brains either catapult us into a tornado of sexual frenzy, or the sight of a sexual organ corrupts us forever.

Seeing as neither are likely to happen, let's just #FreeTheNipple, guys. It's now the world's most expensive painting sold at auction and consequently one of the most famous – surely everyone should look at it?

Picasso isn't the only artist to have work censored by the media and its affiliates. German fashion photographer and Dazed contributor Peter Kaaden took a photo of a sculpture in the Louvre and uploaded it to Facebook, only to have it taken down by the site's admins.

In response, he created a series of self-censored photographs that would pass Facebook's censorship laws. At the time, he commented, "it doesn't make sense for somebody to decide what the difference is between porn, nudity and art." 

Censoring nude art on the news happens around the world. Chinese TV network CCTV ran a story publicising an Italian art exhibition featuring "David" by Michelangelo. While encouraging audiences to visit the exhibition, it simultaneously opted to blur out the stone penis on the sculpture. Mixed messages, don't you think?

In Fox News' case, we'll go out on a limb and say that the network has broadcast far more offensive images, words and opinions than a painting of some cubist boobs. 

View the uncensored version of Women of Algiers (Version O) below: