Deep Fried
Life & CultureDeep-fried memes: what are they and why do they matter?
Life & CultureTumblr is letting us be naked again
Cold Lunch
Art & PhotographyInside Roxy Lee’s X-rated new photography exhibition
Exhibit social media censorship of fat bodies series
Art & PhotographyThese nude portraits are a rallying cry against Instagram censorship
London’s Free Palestine protest 20
Science & TechInstagram alters algorithm after accusations of pro-Palestine censorship
Videochat: send nudes. Olya Avstreyh and Jenya Milyukos
Art & PhotographySend/make nudes: How artists are reframing the tradition of the nude
Sex work
Science & TechInstagram’s problem with sex workers is nothing new
Nyome Nicholas-Williams Alexandra Cameron
Science & TechInstagram is finally changing its nudity policy
Nyome Nicholas-Williams Alexandra Cameron
Life & CultureNyome Nicholas-Williams took on Instagram censorship and won
Videochat: send nudes. Olya Avstreyh and Jenya Milyukos
Art & PhotographyThese Russian artists video-chatted daily to paint each other nude
E-Viction: self-destructing sex worker art show
Art & PhotographySex workers protest censorship with this self-destructing digital art show
redavart mary_dav boobs tits censorship beauty looks
Beauty FeatureThe make-up artist turning boobs into surreal and political beauty looks
Nyome Nicholas-Williams by Alex Cameron
Life & CultureInstagram accused of racism and fatphobia for deleting Black model’s post
TikTok censorship
Science & TechTikTok censored posts by users deemed ‘ugly’, poor, or disabled
Science & TechTikTok is censoring LGBTQ+, fat, and disabled users to ‘prevent bullying’
Vicky Martin Facebook nipple protest
Science & TechNipple censorship protesters inflate giant boob outside Facebook HQ
Science & TechFacebook and Instagram have banned ‘horny’ emojis
Marius Sperlich
SpotlightMarius Sperlich’s provocative pics are the antidote to Instagram censorship
Kazim Rashid
Art & PhotographyArtist Kazim Rashid and the film that wasn’t meant to be made
Skengdo x AM + Drillminister - Gleb Kosorukov
Art & PhotographyAn artist & three drill MCs collaborate to fight for freedom of expression
Nude protest
Science & TechFacebook is reconsidering its artistic nudity policy
A banana selfie in support of Natalia LL, ”Consumer Art”
Life & CulturePeople in Poland are protesting art censorship with banana selfies
Robert Yang, Hurt Me Plenty
Science & TechExpressing your sexuality on Instagram is becoming impossible
russian youth festival
PoliticsRussian police use gay propaganda law to shut down festival