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Calling all teen witches, Hollywood is remaking ‘The Craft’

Get your schoolgirl skirt and eyeliner out, the 90s cult classic is being redeveloped for the 21st century

If you ever found yourself playing "light as a feather, stiff as a board" or tried to bewitch a boy with a spell, you'll probably remember The Craft. Well, we've got good news for aspiring teen witches everywhere – the 1996 horror film is getting a 21st century remake.

While most remakes are more likely to strike terror into the hearts of movie fans, there's cause for optimism here. According to the Hollywood Reporter, Sony have tapped emerging horror filmmaker Leigh Janiak to direct and co-write the updated version. 

Janiak was the brains behind Honeymoon, an indie horror about a newlyweds honeymooning in a secluded family cottage (always a great idea, guys). Critics praised the breakout hit, describing it as a combination of Cabin in the Woods-style fright with the lovelorn existentialism of Blue Valentine

The Craft's original producer, Doug Wick, is also producing the remake. So which actresses can you imagine replacing the original occult foursome? And is there room for a Fairuza Balk cameo?  

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