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People of Print, Thames & Hudson, Marcus Irwin, Dazed
"Soft", pigment print/collage, 2014Image by Marcus Irwin, courtesy of Thames & Hudson

A collection of the most iconic print mavericks

Innovative London print organisation People of Print’s new book celebrates the history of one of the world’s oldest crafts

In the grand scheme of things – you know, the digital takeover and all that – print is dead. But, it’s not is it? We can pin a statement like that down to scaremongering, overreaction, hyperbole, whatever you want to call it – print isn’t dead. People of Print will back me up. In fact, they’re the ones flying the industry's biggest flag. Founded in 2008 by Marcroy Smith, P.o.P – an organisation that acts as a database for all things printed, both online and off – have released a new, eponymous tome, celebrating the art of the press. Detailing everything from the papermaking process, to essays on ‘new technology’, alongside solid profiles on global print royalty, including Israeli street art mavericks Broken Fingaz Crew and self-described Spanish 'print posse' Fatherless. Whether it’s designing drink coasters for events, street signs, street art, or huge art projects that see artists collab with institutions like the V&A or London College of Communication, one thing’s for sure – print is still very much alive and kicking.

People of Print, published by Thames & Hudson, is available now