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That feeling when you get left out of a girl power group hug

Our take on the most-tweeted image of Ed Miliband from the televised leaders' debate last night

At the first televised leaders' debate, Scottish National Party impresario Nicola Sturgeon demanded an end to the "old boys club in Westminster". And if ever an image suggests that sexism in politics is coming to an end, it's the one above. Snapped by a photographer after last night's BBC debate wrapped, it shows Green leader Natalie Bennett, Plaid Cymru's Leanne Wood and Sturgeon wrapped in a big girl power group hug – with Labour's Ed Miliband left in the cold.

Try imagining that kind of show of unity between the male leaders in Westminster, the guys who constantly say "we're all in this together". Nope? Us too. 

Oh, Ed. He may have been declared winner of the debate by several polls after David Cameron's inexplicable no-show, but there'll always be an image or Vine where he appears totally treacled by the complexities of existence. Whether that's eating a bacon sandwich, struggling to say "tough enough" or being totally parred by a group of ecstatic women. 

UKIP leader Nigel Farage continued to confound and amaze; accusing the audience of being left-wingers, declaring that "the real audience was at home" and childishly shouting over Miliband to brand him a liar. For the second time running, he made no real impression on the debate and gave off the air of a lonely, slightly mad uncle. Here's a shot of Miliband looking at Big Nige that tells you all you need to know:

Nick Clegg and the Lib Dems weren't even mentioned until ten minutes before the end, which just goes to show how far their stock has fallen since the coalition (when they betrayed everyone on tuition fees). 

At the end of the debate, hugs were exchanged as Miliband lookedl ike a guy who really wanted in, but just couldn't work out how to go about it. There is an infinite amount of captions that can go with this photo, but to save you the hard work, we've done it for you.

But there's still one picture that sums up how most people feel about Nigel Farage: