Tuition Fees

New Labour - Summer 2023
Life & CultureNew labour: how young Britons are reinventing traditional work
Life & CultureUK students want their tuition fees back
Life & CultureAre tuition fees going up again?
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PoliticsThis general election, let yourself get excited for our future
Life & CulturePoorer students more likely to live at home during uni
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PoliticsTheresa May says tuition fees (which she raised) are too high
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MusicWomen: Beyoncé wants to pay for you to go to college
University tuition fees protest sign
Arts+CultureUK government ‘sneak out’ university tuition fee rise
Arts+CultureHalf of post-2012 graduates now live with their parents
Arts+CultureA free university has just opened in the UK
education is not a business
Arts+CultureHillary Clinton wants to make college free for most people
Student debt
Arts+CultureStudents who don't repay their loans will now be criminals
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Arts+CultureWhat do the student grants cuts mean for our future?
Arts+CultureStarted uni after 2012? You just got screwed over
Irvine Welsh by Rankin
Arts+CultureIrvine Welsh says he'd have to sell coke to afford uni now
Arts+CultureOne in 20 uni students work in sex industry to pay for costs
University tuition fees protest sign
Arts+CultureEd Miliband promises to slash tuition fees to £6,000
Nigel Farage UKIP at Chatham House
Arts+CultureUKIP wants to scrap all tuition fees (except for the arts)
Student loan
Arts+CultureAlt ways to pay off your student loan
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Arts+CultureHundreds of UK students have signed up to sugar daddy sites
Barack Obama
Arts+CultureObama proposes two years of free community college education
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Arts+CultureWatch police pepper spray Warwick University protesters
Arts+CultureThousands hit London for tuition fees march
Arts+CultureUK students graduate with even more debt than Americans