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johannes vermeer
Johannes Vermeer – The Milkmaidvia Gluten Free Museum

This Tumblr lets you enjoy works of art without the gluten

Self-diagnosed coeliacs everywhere, this one's for you

Can anybody eat gluten anymore? I'm paranoid and cynical so I believe that people who say that they're gluten intolerant are making it up. Of course, this is nonsense, but it doesn't stop me thinking it as I traipse another coffee joint pumping out gluten-free muffins. But what if your sensitive coeliac tendencies also extend to great works of art and film? Enter the Gluten Free Museum

Some anonymous genius on Tumblr has recreated iconic images from art and pop culture, minus the carbs and anything that might remind you of this century's latest nutritional terror. Think Caravaggio's feasts without the loaves, "American Gothic" with no hay fork, and Vincent Van Gogh's wheatfields without the wheat. Oh, and Samuel L Jackson without a Royale burger to scare the shit out of you with. 

We've rounded up some of the best selects from the Gluten Free Museum, featuring Dali and Picasso's gluten-free work alongside some other iconic 20th century moments.