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Also Shot on iPhone 6 spoof campaign

Spoof Apple campaign takes iPhone 6 selfies to new levels

This is for anyone who's already sick of seeing the new ‘Shot on iPhone 6’ campaign on the underground

Like pretty much everyone else in the world, you've probably seen the adverts for the new iPhone campaign from Apple – you know, the big glossy images of impossibly beautiful snowscapes and forest scenes with the words "Shot on iPhone 6" underneath them? If you've ever rolled your eyes and thought, "As if anyone's camera roll actually looks like that," this post is for you. 

Two pranksters have been putting up spoof iPhone ads all over San Francisco, only a few miles away from Apple's own HQ in Cupertino. The result: Also Shot on iPhone 6, which is probably a much better reflection of what people actually use the camera function on their iPhones for. (Minus the dick pics, duh. This is all up in public, after all.) 

"The iPhone 6 ads are all over San Francisco and we walk by them everyday," they told Dazed. "All the photos Apple selected for the campaign are beautiful. Our thought was that people don't always take pretty pictures on their phones, so we thought it would be funny to show the other, non-beautiful, photos people take."

The guys behind the stunt are staying staying anonymous right now to avoid the wrath of Apple, but say that they both work as creatives in advertising and "love to poke fun of our industry whenever it takes itself seriously". And what company takes itself more seriously than the one whose founder wore a black rollneck for 98% of his life, right? 

"We put about a dozen posters up this past Sunday, during the day and at night," they explained. "We didn't get caught, but we did move quickly to avoid getting in trouble. Mostly, people walked by confused or laughing and taking pictures as we wheatpasted the posters."

Check out all the images from their alternative Apple campaign on their Tumblr here