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Check out the Dazed schedule for South By South West

We’re out at the world’s biggest tech festival this year – and here’s what we’re up to

Anyone stuck in the UK, protesting that it’s actually summer and insisting that we should really have lunch outside despite it being completely freezing, will be pleased/totally bitter to know that some of the Dazed team are off to the world of tech and tacos in Austin, Texas.

SXSW is now the biggest launchpad in the world: a festival for innovation, industry, music, film and creativity. This week, we'll be 200 miles from the Mexican border drinking margaritas as well as doing loads of stuff – see the full list below. 

All through the week, too, we're tracking Shia LaBeouf and his collaborators Luke Turner and Nastja Säde Rönkkö's newest project: #FOLLOWMYHEART. Since touching down last night, their collective heartbeat has been broadcasting live on, and the team will be discussing the project, and their metamodernist journey, with Dazed editor-in-chief Tim Noakes  at 3.30pm on Sunday the 15th March at the Austin Convention Centre. 

Matt Lambert: “Love and Sex”

When and where? Monday 16 March, 15.30 – 16.30: Four Seasons, San Jacinto, 98 San Jacinto Blvd

What is it? A talk by the Dazed-collaborating photographer and filmmaker beautiful series exploring love in youthful relationships.

Protein and Dazed presents: “Women In Technology”

When and where? Monday 16 March, 16.00 – 18.00: Soho House

What is it? Panel discussing “Women in Technology” featuring Elizabeth Gore (DELL/United Nations), Dazed’s Marketing Director Emma Sutton, Leslie Bradshaw (MadebyMany), Lucie Greene (JWT Intelligence) and Tamsin Glasson (VRSE).

Dazed x Diesel Dinner

When and where? Monday 16 March, 19.30: Justines

What is it? Jefferson Hack and Nicola Formichetti host an exclusive VIP dinner, unveiling a new campaign in collaboration with artist Doug Abraham.

Jefferson Hack presents “Stop Pretending: What Brands Can Learn From Publishers”

When and where? Tuesday 17 March, 13.35 – 13.55: The Salon

What is it? Jefferson Hack, Dazed Group Co-Founder gives a keynote debunking the myths around brand publishing.

Melissa Coker presents: “Emotion over Algorithm”

When and where? Monday 16 March, 14:50 – 15:15: The Salon

What is it? Wren’s Melissa Coker reflects on the emotional response to iconic viral video “First Kiss” as it approaches 100m views on its 1st birthday.

Diesel Creative Director Nicola Formichetti x Dazed News Editor Zing Tsjeng: “Uncommon Approaches To Marketing”

When and where? Tuesday 17 March, 15:30 – 16:00: Ballroom D Conference Centre

What is it? Nicola Formichetti is passionate about social networking. He uses social media, such as Instagram, to crowd source for campaigns and as a medium to create and collaborate with his fanbase and followers, and bring them into his creative projects. Formichetti will talk to News Editor Zing Tsjeng about how this passion works so successfully and will demonstrate how other brands can learn from his uncommon approaches to Marketing and Advertising in the world of fashion.

Gia Coppola: FEMALES FIRST Dinner

When and where? Tuesday 17 March, 19:30: Soho House

What is it? Gia Coppola invites guests to an intimate dinner to celebrate FEMALES FIRST a groundbreaking new series and initiative created by Dazed to support emerging female directors and film talent.

Dazed & Arthur Baker presents: “The 808 Celebration”

When and where? Tuesday 17 March, 22:00 – late: Soho House

What is it? A party hosted by Dazed, Soho House, Stink, MILK studios, BMW and Grey Goose. With music by Arthur Baker, Hank Shocklee and special guests to be announced.

VRSE presents: “The Expanding Universe of Virtual Reality”

When and where? Wednesday 18 March, 13:30 – 14:00: The Salon

What is it? An immersive showcase of films by VRSE exploring virtual reality and ‘unordinary storytelling’ – the future of content experience.

Jefferson Hack, Liam Casey, Daniel Bergmann, Mazdack Rassi: “Disruption Through Innovation: Cut-Through Using Creative Technology”

When and where? Wednesday 18 March, 16:50 – 17:20: The Salon

What is it? In a session moderated by James Morris, Global Head of MediaCom Beyond Advertising

, Jefferson Hack discusses with fellow panelists how effective use of innovation can create meaningful stand out projects in a world full of noise.

DFM & Dazed presents: “#GoodVibes Yoga and FEMALES FIRST Panel”

When and where? Thursday 18 March, 12:00 – 14:00: W Hotel Terrace

What is it? #GoodVibes yoga with Emma Sutton (Dazed Group) a fun, bite-sized ‘SXSW Reviver’ class. 12:45 FEMALES FIRST panel with Jenn Byrne (head of video, Dazed), Vivianne LaPointe (Editor at Life FAST mag).