Matt Lambert

Slava Mogutin, ‘German licking, NYC, 2021’
Art & PhotographyImages that explore the complexities of sex and desire
Film & TVEldorado: this new film shows the fragility of queer freedom
Dazed September 1998, August 2007, and autumn 2021
FashionStill confused: designers, musicians, and artists regale 30 years of Dazed
Rebecca More by Matt Lambert
Life & CultureMatt Lambert, Rebecca More, and Sean Ford on the DIY evolution of porn
Matt Lambert 7
Life & CultureInside the changing landscape of porn amid a pandemic
reference berlin studios festival berlin 032c
FashionReference Studios wants to change the face of Berlin’s contemporary culture
Ludovic de Saint Sernin debuts new sex toy pornhub
FashionLudovic de Saint Sernin debuts new sex toy in this beautiful NSFW film
Random Identities SSENSE Stefano Pilati Matt Lambert
FashionA group of Berlin friends talk identity in this new film
Screen Shot 2016-09-06 at 12.57.24
Define BeautyFilmmaker Matt Lambert on beauty, sweat and success
Screen Shot 2018-10-19 at 21.37.09
Beauty newsIt's #DefineBeauty Week on Nowness
Anna Calvi - Hunter video
MusicAnna Calvi’s new video is an exploration of queer intimacy and self-love
Screen Shot 2018-05-31 at 10.50.07
MusicBerlin duo Evvol chat to Peaches about their joyously queer new video
MusicLotic is seeking power in an unpredictable world
FashionStefano Pilati teases new, genderless label on IG
Screen Shot 2017-06-22 at 11.46.07
FashionGetting lost in Roman ruins with a gang of Givenchy models
HE Matt Lambert Dazed
PhotographyPhotos that explore alternate masculinities
MusicChristeene drops new anal liberation anthem with Rick Owens
Home Matt Lambert Grindr
PhotographyInside Matt Lambert and Grindr’s new book about safe spaces
Years and Years Worship 1
MusicYears & Years unite queer minds for ‘Worship’ video
Screen Shot 2016-05-18 at 11.23.05
MusicMykki Blanco’s new video is a queer Shakespearean tragedy
Matt Lambert
PhotographyHow does it feel to be young, in love and in lust in Berlin?
Gucci Matt Lambert
FashionMatt Lambert captures the idleness of youth for Gucci
FashionTrans artist Juliana Huxtable on taking back the C-word
Matt Lambert Keim
PhotographyMatt Lambert’s modern lovers