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Jacqueline Bisset Dennis Hopper The Last Film Festival
Jacqueline Bisset and Dennis Hopper in The Last Film Festival

This Kickstarter wants to rescue Dennis Hopper's last film

The Last Film Festival is the Easy Rider star's unreleased final movie – and it needs $90,000 to finish filming

Dennis Hopper, renowned for his rebellious attitude, commanding screen presence, and just generally being a complete badass, died in 2010 after battling prostate cancer. His unexpected death meant that his last filmThe Last Film Festival, was put on hold and has remained on the shelf ever since.

The film's director, Linda Yellen, is hoping fans of the machismo actor can change that. The production team behind the film have launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise $90,000 worth of post-production costs to finally finish the film.

“May 2015 will mark the fifth anniversary of Hopper’s death, and we wanted to release the movie to coincide with this”, explains Yellen. “We are reaching out to film fans over Kickstarter as other investment offers have come with a number of unwelcome demands”.

The Last Film Festival sees Hopper, playing an unscrupulous movie producer, descend on an America's most insignificant film festival. Alongside a host of Hollywood’s most desperate, he goes about trying to promote the box office flop that is sure to sink all their careers.

With pledge offers spanning $1 to $10,000, handing over your cash could get you rewards ranging from a DVD copy of the film, to your name in the end credits. Anyone with a spare $4000 could even get themselves a date with 70s sex symbol Jacqueline Bisset, who co–stars in the film.

Fans of the Easy Rider icon are going to want to dig deep to see their hero's final outing on screens. $90,000 might seem like a big ask, but if $5.7 million can be raised for a Veronica Mars movie, hey – anything's possible.