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Alejandro Jodorowsky fake money

Want fake money from Alejandro Jodorowsky?

The avant-garde director will give you Poetic Money if you back his new film on Kickstarter

Screen genie Alejandro Jodorowksy is looking for your money to fund his new film Endless Poetry on Kickstarter. The 86-year-old Holy Mountain director will actually give you the money back, with one caveat: it's fake. And the bank notes will have his face on them.

Jodorowksy is looking for $350,000 to create his autobiographical movie, which revolves around his search to discover his true voice as a filmmaker. If you back him to the tune of $30 or more, he'll give you 30DP worth of Dinero Poético (Poetic Money) that "can't be spent on any material goods – only on the poetry of the universe". If you donate over a grand, Jodorowsky will mail you a Poetic Check. Each bill bears original writing by Jodorowksy.

The legendary master of avant-garde cinema explains on his Kickstarter page that "our world is suffering from a devastating absence of poetry". In an impassioned ten-minute long video, Jodorowksy outlines exactly why he wants to make the film. "It's not for money," he explains. "We are nervous in the world, with everything that's happening. We need to go to see a picture to forget ourselves." 

If anyone deserves backing for a new film, it's Jodorowsky. Listening to him ask for money on Kickstarter while talking about the sorry state of our planet's creativity is slightly gut-wrenching, maybe because I'm scared it's true and because Taken 4 might be happening without anyone needing to beg for anything.

Jodorowsky also believes that all money should be transformed into poetry and wants to fill the world with it. So if you're into Twitter and pledge to help him, you can also submit a poem with the hashtag #EndlessPoetryMyPoem to end up on the Endless Poetry site.

If you want some of Alejandro Jodorowksy's poetic money, give him some of yours and he'll hit you back. Just don't try and spend it in Wetherspoons.

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