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‘Hot mugshot guy’ Jeremy Meeks jailed for 27 months

Looks like the world's hottest felon won't be hitting the runway anytime soon

Remember Jeremy Meeks? He garnered international attention last year when his dreamy police mugshot got circulated anywhere and everywhere. Hot Mugshot Guy was so well-loved that there were even reports that he'd earned a $30,000 modelling contract on the strength of that one image. But any dreams that Meeks had of walking the runways for Givenchy or Prada have been nipped in the bed – thanks to a pesky 27 month prison sentence.

Meeks, 30, has just been convicted of illegal possession of a firearm, the Telegraph reports. He was also ordered to attend a substance abuse recovery course and fined $100. His mugshot was first circulated by California's Stockton Police Department when police arrested Meeks on June 18 after discovering a semi-automatic handgun in his car.

Stockton Police has never taken the photo down. At the time of writing, the photo has received 101,952 likes and been shared 12,836 times. Despite being behind bars, at least there's consolation in knowing that everyone thinks your face is fucking brilliant – I guess?  

See the original Facebook post below: