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Mean Girls

Relive high school with this Mean Girls app

Totally fetch for a £2.99 iOS video game

Mean Girls, the film that launched Lindsay Lohan's post-Parent Trap career, now has its own iOS video game app. For £2.99, you can rekindle your love of the Plastics with Mean Girls: The Game, which creators So Much Drama Studios describe as "a funny, frenetic mobile title that captures the spirit of the movie". You can download it here.

The premise is as follows: you find the original Plastics content with their lives, until they're threatened by a new clique attempting to assert their dominance at North Shore High School by reassembling the broken Spring Fling Tiara.

You can control any of eight Mean Girls characters while you try to ward off the new girls in town. Level names include "You Can’t Sit With Us", "Social Suicide", "She Doesn’t Even Go Here", and "The Limit Does Not Exist". Grool! 

So Much Drama founder Jeff Meador said in a statement: "Mean Girls is hilarious, brutal and endlessly quotable. I absolutely loved watching and re-watching the film. The game is rich with the quirky humour, over-the-top high school power struggles, and everything from hilarious lines, peppermint foot cream, to, yes, the Burn Book.” 

It also offers the perfect opportunity to go through our archive of obscure Mean Girls GIFs. Thanks, Jeff Meador! This one is our favourite:

The Tina Fey-penned film has proven to be one of the defining films of the 2000s, with many people (read: us) adamant that they know the script off by heart. Its influence spread far and wide, all the way to Dazed, where we channelled the demonic spirit of Regina George when we filmed Kendall Jenner for our winter issue with her very own Burn Book.

Watch the trailer for the game below: