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Happy party people at Helsinki Pride 2014Heikki Siltala via Flickr

Finland legalises gay marriage

It becomes the 12th European country to give the go-ahead for gay nuptials

Despite Finland's crotch-bulging Tom of Finland postage stamps, it's only this afternoon that the country has approved same-sex marriage. Thousands of supporters celebrated outside the Parliament, waving rainbow flags and chanting "I do".

The bill passed at 105 – 92, though the results were expected to be much closer. Finland is now the 12th European country to leagalise same-sex marriage, which means that gay couples in the country can now marry, take each other's surnames and adopt children. 

Finnish MP Mikael Jungner gave the thumbs up as the vote passed:

The Tahdon2013 ("I do") campaign came from the ground up. Launched in March 2013, the citizen-led initiative said that legalising gay marriage would "increase equality in society, improve the respect of gender and sexual minorities, quality of life and happiness as well as prevent discrimination, harassment and mental health problems". By September, the petition had already been signed by 166,851 citizens.

Prime Minister Alexander Stubb said in an open letter prior to the vote: "Finland should strive to become a society where discrimination does not exist, human rights are respected and two adults can marry regardless of their sexual orientation".

Now, it's officlal. Finland, marry who the fuck you like. Onnittelut (congratulations)!