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Smells like peach seasonMissMessie via Flickr

Startup dudes want to biohack vaginas to smell like peaches

Sounds like somebody took that 112 song ‘Peaches & Cream’ a bit too seriously

Your average biohacker isn't the most sensible of guys (see: the man who surgically implanted a microchip into his hand) but two male biotech startup founders have probably just come up with the worst idea yet. 

Austen Heinz and Gilad Gome of Cambrian Genomics and Personalized Probiotics respectively have engineered a vitamin product that will allow women to change how their vaginas smell. And what do you think two startup dudes think ladies want to smell like? Peaches. Obviously.

Heinz and Gome pitched the Sweet Peach probiotic supplement at a tech conference in San Jose, California this Wednesday. The initial idea is that the probiotic will help prevent problems like yeast infections, with the peach aroma (ugh) alerting you to the fact it's working – but the two believe that the potential of the scent-altering product goes far beyond regulating the pH of your vagina. 

"The idea is personal empowerment," Heinz reportedly said. "All your smells are not human. They're produced by the creatures that live on you."

Gome added: "We think it's a fundamental human right to not only know your code and the code of the things that live on you but also to rewrite that code and personalize it."

The two startup founders plan to finance Sweet Peach through crowdfunding platform Tilt. Kickstarter banned their project because it fell foul of the site's ban on synthetic biology projects. 

They are also working on a probiotic supplement for dogs and cats called Petomics, which makes pet feces smell like bananas. (No word on whether banana-fragranced poop will similarly empower your pet cat.)

Personally, I can't wait to live in a world where my empowered peach-scented vagina can twirl on a stripper pole while closing the gender gap, just like Emmeline Pankhurst would have wanted. 

(h/t Inc)