Space radio waves
Science & TechScientists detect mysterious radio signals from inside our galaxy
Alteronce Gumby
Art & PhotographyAlteronce Gumby’s cosmic landscapes challenge the meaning of colour
Brain blob
Science & TechScientists have developed ‘mini brains’ and they’ve just grown eyes
AFW Report - Article Cover
Science & Tech10 key predictions from our latest trend report ‘2031: A Future World’
Science & TechHow do you feel about the future? Tell us and win a Dazed subscription
Spiders in Jumanji
Science & TechListen to creepy music translated from a spider web by scientists
AFW Article Cover (Cyborgs) (1)
Science & TechFour human cyborgs discuss the future of hacking our bodies
AFW Article Cover (Black researchers)
Science & TechThe Black scientists changing the future with research and social justice
Science & TechIntroducing A Future World 2021: climate action, cyborgs & cities on Mars
Life & CultureDoug Aitken on his psychedelic trip through the skies of Massachusetts
Science & TechNo, despite reports, mobile phones do not make you grow horns
Climate change
Science & TechIs human civilisation really going to end by 2050?
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Science & TechWhat the Aurora Borealis might look like in 2060
Antony Gormley and Priya Natarajan's “Lunatick”
Science & TechA new virtual reality art project lets people walk on the moon
Science & TechOne million women in the UK may be on the wrong contraceptive pill
Super Earth
Science & TechScientists have discovered a ‘Super Earth’ just six light years away
Robot claw hand
Science & TechWatch this cool and chill robot catch and crush a beer can
natalie portman
Film & TVThe weird science behind must-see alien thriller Annihilation
PoliticsA new study says right-wing people are hotter than liberals
Attenburough_4 (1)
Science & TechHow the voices of David Attenborough and Trump can affect crystal growth
Should we be worried about tech that can identify sexuality?
Science & TechShould we be worried about AI that can tell if you’re gay?
Science & TechWe created contact lenses that respond to emotion
giphy music drugs
Science & TechMusic is the same as drugs and sex, according to your brain
The Museum of Contemporary Art on the Moon
Science & TechThere could soon be an art museum on the moon