Of course someone made an Oculus Rift ‘breast-squeezing’ sim

A Japanese developer has created a ‘breast-squeezing’ simulation for the VR headset

While nobody doubts the revolutionary potential of Oculus Rift, this 'breast-squeezing' simulation app is regressive sexism through and through. 

In a video first spotted by Daily Dot, an amateur Japanese developer demonstrates a sim that allows you to grab a virtual women's breast while she squeals in horror. You put on the headset to meet the anime avator while you squeeze a specially-made foam pad that resembles a padded boob tube. The avatar expresses her disgust by screaming in terror. Great, I'm already looking forward to a future of Saturday nights spent indoors swimming in shame spirals and simulated abuse. But not all combinations of VR tech and sexual desire are creepy.

Developers have been looking at ways to integrate sex into VR technology since Oculus Rift became available to gamers and tech enthusiasts. Writer Andy Kelly offers a comprehensive roundup of the weirdest virtual fuckfests out there.

The sex sims range from the ridiculous to the obscene, with not much in between. Take "Sexy Space Adventure", a sim where you control a lusty space captain travelling naked through the galaxy. The objective? Just sex with a female avatar who wanders aimlessly around a spaceship muttering "yeah, baby". Not feeling that? Try "Lucid Dreams", "Bathroom" or the prosaically titled "VR Titties".

The emergence of Oculus Rift has huge implications for online sexual activity, with developers working hard to bring interactive porn to VR. However, the future of explicit content on Oculus Rift is unstable given that Facebook bought the technology for $2billion earlier this year. Facebook has stringent rules on adult material being posted online and a strict censorship policy, so it remains to be seen whether or not Zuckerberg et al will allow rampant virtual fucking to take place on a Facebook-owned product.

The technology has incredible potential for those couples in LDRs who crave more intimacy than Gchat, Skype or a phone can offer. Oculus Rift may also prove revolutionary for gender curious people. BeAnotherLab is the art collective that created "Gender Swap", technology that with co-ordinated movements allows two users to virtually trade genders. The collective affirms that with this experiment it hopes to "investigate issues like Gender Identity, Queer Theory, feminist technoscience, Intimacy and Mutual Respect". Read our interview with BeAnotherLab here and check out the tech in action below.

It's interesting to note that all the sex sims mentioned earlier appear to have been predominantly created for male gratification, something that will surely change if the sex tech is given the opportunity to flourish. There are fascinating possibilities for sex and gender on Oculus Rift, so check this stuff out rather than squeezing a girl's boobs who doesn't want her boobs squeezed, 'cause that's pretty rubbish.