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Teen developers make an app to track police brutality

Three Georgia teenagers want to stop cop violence in its tracks with their Five-O reporting app

Do you need to report an incident of police violence to somebody that isn't the police? Five-O might be the app for you. Built by three teenaged siblings from Georgia, US, the app is designed to track and prevent police brutality – and with ongoing protests against the tragic Ferguson shooting of Michael Brown, it can't come at a more necessary time.

On Five-O, users can record if they were physically assaulted by a police officer; they can also enter their race and gender, as well as rate their overall interaction with police. The app uses the demographic information and data to build up a mean rating of policing in each American city. Communities can use the rating to campaign for change and improvement. 

Handily, the app also comes with a "Know Your Rights" feature – meaning that if you believe you're being treated unfairly by an officer, the answer's in your pocket. 

Ima, Caleb and Asha Christian created Five-O after talking to their parents about the increasing occurence of police brutality in America. "We talk to our parents often about these issues and they really try to put everything into context for us," Ima told Buzzfeed. "One of the things they really stress is that we focus on finding solutions."

Crucially, the Christians don't just want people to record their negative interactions with police – they want good ones, too. So if an officer acts in a courteous and professional manner, Five-O wants to know so their departments can act as role models for their underperforming cop counterparts.

Given that four out of ten African-Americans feel that police relations with blacks have worsened in the last 20 years, Ima, Caleb and Asha Christian's app might be one small way towards calling out police brutality – and making sure deaths like those of Michael Brown and Eric Garner don't happen again. 

This is the third app made by the teen app developers and their company Pine Tartinc. You can download it in the Google Store here – the more people that have it and use it, the more effective it becomes.

Watch Five-O in action below: