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The $90,900 "artwork" in question

4chan screenshot sells on eBay for $90,900

‘Oh darling, that 4chan screenshot hanging on your wall is absolutely beautiful – is it a genuine?’

They are fierce debates that will rage until the end of time: what is art, who gets to decide and how much is it worth? Tracy Emin's stained and shagged-on bedsheets sold for £2.2 million earlier this month, Jackon Pollock's squiggly "No 5 1948" sold for $140 million in 2006 and Monet's lillies fetched £40.9 million two years later. So who's to say that a screenshot of a 4chan post can't sell for good money?

"Artwork by Anonymous" was listed on eBay with a minimum bid of $500. Just four days and 45 bids later the screenshot's price had escalated tremendously - the winning bid saw the screenshot "sold" for $90,900. The listing describes the piece as a "One of a Kind work of art". This is because, as the screenshot text reads:  

Art used to be something to cherish

Now literally anything could be art

This post is art.

Some Redditors cast doubt on the validity of the bid, suspecting that the entire auction was just a ruse to open discussion on determining what exactly clarifies as art. These screengrabs discovered by Funny Junk suggest that this was a conspiracy between two 4chan users. 

Things got really meta for a second when a framed screenshot of the Ebay listing of "Artwork For Anonymous" became available for purchase on eBay over the weekend. Much to our disappointment, that artwork has since been removed from the site's listings.

Whether or not somebody is actually going to pay $90,000 for a 4chan screenshot (the evidence suggests no), this prank does mark 4chan's foray into the "but is it art??" debate. So what do you think – does a 4chan screenshot count as art?