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Groom yourself for victory with ADULT's first film

Explore our NSFW social media obsession with the body beautiful in LONG EXPOSURE

As part of our new summer US project States of Independence we've invited our favourite 30 American curators, magazines, creatives and institutions to takeover Dazed for a day. This week, State of Sex takes an all-encompassing look at sexuality, gender and all the flavours of the American rainbow.

New York-based erotic magazine ADULT takes over today, bringing their groundbreaking and sexy vision to the fore. Here we premiere their first ever film, conceived by co-founder Berkeley Poole and brought to life by director Jamie Webster at Common Good Studio. Check out all things ADULT in their Dazed guest edit here

Our first short film is inspired by our twice-failed efforts to get a certain type of pic into the print issue. No spoilers, but I'm happy to say that the third time is magic, and we hope you'll be charmed. 

The director is Jamie Webster, working with Common Good Studio, and when he agreed to do this both for and with us, he said he wanted to communicate the real-world effects of our social media affects. We wanted to achieve this without being extreme or dystopic. And, since we're bored of lo-fi, we wanted it to be extremely HQ (also: NSFW).

The star is Wei Han, a mysterious gentleman who is only a little bit older IRL than he is on screen. We are greatly indebted to both him and his body double.

The script, which Sarah and I wrote together with Jamie, was deeply influenced by one of America's favourite Tumblrs, which I suggest you check out after you watch the video. The voiceover in particular references American Psycho (2000), one of the most formative cinematic experiences of our generation (or demographic), and one of the best book-to-film adaptations of... ever. We were also thinking of the male-to-male-drag classic Gattaca (1997), and I guess we're probably always thinking about the creepy, clairvoyant work of our hometown legend, David Cronenberg

Speaking of Cronenberg, the video was shot in downtown Toronto, in keeping with a long tradition of Toronto playing New York on film. (ADULT co-founder) Sarah and I, as born-and-raised Canadians, also sometimes feel that we're playing at being New Yorkers.

And that's all! Sit back, dim the lights, and enjoy our LONG EXPOSURE: a very ADULT take on American manhood.

Click here to pre-order the second print issue of ADULT, on stands August 21.