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Megumi Igarashi faces jail time or a hefty fine if convicted on obscenity chargesMegumi Igarashi

Japanese police release 3D vagina artist from jail

Megumi Igarashi might be free for now, but if convicted she will face two years in jail or a 2.5 million yen fine

Megumi Igarashi – the now-famous Japanese artist arrested for sending scans of her vagina to her fans – has been released from prison after being detained on obscenity charges.

"I had no idea why I had to be arrested and detained because I don’t believe my vagina is anything obscene," Igarashi, who goes by the artistic psuedonym Rokudenashiko (rough translation: "good-for-nothing-girl"), said upon her release. "I was determined I would never yield to police power.”

Igarashi spent five days in jail for emailing supporters of her latest project – a kayak modelled on her genitals – 3D CAD models of her vulva. Over 22,000 people signed a petition to demand her relese, with many signatures coming from Japanese supporters outraged at the injustice of her detention.

She was released after her defence team launched an appeal with a Tokyo court, which ruled against the prosecution. Although she's free for now, this doesn't clear Igarashi by any means. If convicted of the charges she faces two years in jail or a fine of up to 2.5million yen (about £15,000). Seems pretty harsh for sending people a 3D scan of your vulva, right?

Watch Igarashi's crowdfunding video for her pussy boat below: