3D printing

Damien Hirst
Beauty FeatureWill 3D printed human skin make animal testing for cosmetics obsolete?
3d printing
Arts+Culture3D printed pills, dildos, guns and babies
Best of Iris Van Herpen
FashionIris Van Herpen: fashion’s hi-tech priestess
Megumi Igarashi
Arts+CultureJapanese vagina boat artist re-arrested for obscenity
3D printed gun with bullets
Arts+CultureJapanese man imprisoned for manufacturing 3D printed guns
Arts+CultureJapanese police release 3D vagina artist from jail
Arts+CultureAmerica's first 3D printed president is kind of creepy
Arts+CultureWill a robot take your job?
Arts+CultureDraw objects out of thin air with this Lix
Arts+Culture3D printing creates a new face for war victim
Ana Rajcevic's Autodesk Creation
Arts+Culture3D print creations: Ana Rajcevic
3D print creations: Yuri Pattison
Arts+Culture3D print creations: Yuri Pattison
Arts+CultureDisarming Corruptor will encrypt your 3D creations
Clement Valla's Autodesk Creation
Arts+Culture3D print creations: Clement Valla
4. Untitled (5), 2008. Richard Dupont. Pigmented c
Arts+CultureTen outrageous objects to 3D print
Lawrence KI$$ 1, photography by Baker & Evans
Arts+Culture3D print creations: Lawrence Lek's KI$$
Arts+Culture3D print your own ice
FashionIris Van Herpen Couture SS13
Screen Shot 2012-11-22 at 12.36.51
FashionFashion and the 3D photobooth