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Let me get back to you on that question

Touching the Art wants to answer all your dumb art questions

‘What is art? Who cares? Why?’ Casey Jane Ellison's hilarious new webseries wants to dissect the art world

Trying to understand the art world can be pretty confusing at times, what with deeply existential questions like "Couldn't my kid do this?", "What is the purpose of art?" and "Is Shia LaBeouf an artist"? So thank god for Touching the Art, the new webseries from comedian, VFILES star and sometime Dazed columnist Casey Jane Ellison.

It's an online art talkshow which will feature only female panelists (because, you know, #misandry) and is hosted by Ellison herself, who strikes a deadpan note between moments of insight and offensive bluntness. Like everything Ellison does, it's funny – but it's also trying to raise bigger questions about the art industry, minus the bullshit that usually accompanies it. 

"A lot of people think art is stupid or unchill, so I’m interested in exploring and propagating how it's actually pretty tight," Ellison says. Does the art world have a sense of humour, then? "No, I'm the only one. Just kidding. We'll explore that and other questions on Touching the Art."

The first episode features acclaimed photographer Catherine Opie, New York Times art writer Jori Finkel and Bettina Korek, the founder of artistic platform ForYourArt. If you've ever wanted to hear Opie describe Matthew Barney birthing James Franco through Warhol's vagina, here's your chance. 

Watch the first episode of Touching the Art below: