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The certificate verifying the name of the new star ‘Putin-Huilo’

Ukrainian astronomers name a star ‘Putin is a dickhead’

Even in space, the Russian leader has a bad name

On Earth, Vladimir Putin isn't exactly the world's most popular man and now in outer space he's getting a bad rep too – Ukrainian astronomers and pro-Ukraine loyalists have named a new star "Putin-Huilo". The word "Huilo", sometimes spelt "khulio", has a vague definition when translated into English, but means something like "dickhead," "fucker," and "asshole". So yeah, you get the idea.

The star was adopted through the Pale Blue Dot Project, which allows anybody the opportunity to adopt a star for just $10. All funds go towards further research on discovering life and planets in outer space.

"Putin-Huilo", meanwhile, is actually developing a history as a common slang word. Last month, an Urban Dictionary entry for "khulio" showed up: "Khuilo is the president of Russia Vladimir Putin. Originally it appeared in Ukraine in the spring of 2014 when soccer fans performed the song consisting of only one line: 'Putin khuilo! La-la-la-la-la-la...' Khuilo literally means 'dickhead' or 'fucker'. Earlier it was widespread in Russian and Ukrainian for naming generally a mean, cynic, greedy etc. person. Now it has got rebirth with a single unique meaning – Putin."

The term has gone viral - we even found Japanese and Algerian football fans singing it. On Earth, in space – it appears to be universally acknowledged that Putin is a "huilo".