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Cannabis lube promises to give women a new contact high

Weed-infused lubricant is now being sold in California. Sex is better when you're stoned, right?

While getting stoned doesn't do wonders for guys' sperm game, it's nice to know that ladies aren't missing out. A Californian business called the Aphrodite Group has developed a cannabis-infused lubricant called Foria for women that promises to enhance sex. 

The active ingredient in the lubricating oil is THC and other cannabinoids and has been blended with liquid coconut oil. Each spray contains about 360mg of THC and promises to get women especially high because the membranes in and around the vagina are extra absorbent. So, you know, don't go too crazy. 

"While younger and more sexually active women often reported an overall heightening and intensification of experience both leading up to and including orgasm, older testers reported a sense of re-connecting with their sexuality, a greater ease in accessing climax followed by a restive nights sleep," Foria says on its website. 

Founder Matthew Gerson belives that cannabis lubricant isn't just a gimmick – it's just one way of tackling problems in the bedroom. "Introducing medicines, and compounds, and different drugs through the vagina is something that both modern doctors and doctors throughout history have done," he tells Nerve

Unfortunately, any stoner girls may have to wait to introduce this into their sexual repertoire: for the time being, weed lube is only available to medical patients in California on prescription.