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1Photograph by Marco Anelli 2014
"Yes, I'm definitely seeing something... I'm sensing a very large queue"Marco Anelli

Be prepared to queue if you want to see Marina Abramović

The line to get into her Serpentine Gallery performance is so long that it's already spawned its own hashtag

Want to hang out with Marina Abramović and watch her do absolutely nothing for 512 hours? You're going to have to wait. 

512 Hours, the Belgrade artist's latest work, opened today at the Serpentine Gallery in London to queues that snaked from the front door of the gallery all the way into Kensington Gardens. The line itself has even inspired its own hashtag, #SGqueue


The latest work from the grande dame of performance art is envisioned as a kind of marathon art spectacle. From now until 25 August, Abramović will be in the Serpentine Gallery, ostensibly doing nothing, for eight hours a day, six days a week. 

"From that, something is going to happen," she announced. "I’m trying to see if its possible to remove structure and instructions and create things out of pure energy."

160 audience members will be allowed in at a time and you can stay for as long as you like. Nobody knows what Abramović will do in the space at any given time, although initial reviews have described her taking people's hands, whispering to them, and leading them to stare at a wall.  

Want to know more about Marina? Check out our dA-zed guide to Abramović here, and watch the trailer for 512 Hours below: