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Mötley Crüe's 'insane' new film could destroy rating systems

Drummer Tommy Lee says of the band's lurid biopic The Dirt: 'How the hell are we gonna rate this thing?'

Mötley Crüe, those leather–clad totems to hedonism, are finally turning their seminal 2001 autobiography The Dirt into a movie. The memoir is the definitive document of glam-metal excess, detailing the hellraising band's exploits as they career through the 80s interested in very little aside from drugs, cars, big hair, fucking, success and, occasionally, music. See an extract from the memoir below, written by drummer Tommy Lee.

"We had a huge-ass jet, we had endless cash, and we could do whatever we wanted. We partied like clockwork, bro. For a while, we even had this drug kingpin following the tour bus in an exotic Excalibur with a licence plate that said: DEALER. Whenever we got out of the bus, he would suddenly appear with his diamond–packed Rolex, gold chains and a token couple of bitches on each arm, throwing bundles of coke to everyone in the band and crew."

Lee and bassist Nikki Sixx recently sat down with director Jeff Tremaine to read through the script. Lee told Billboard that he's anticipating one hell of a cinematic experience. "This movie is insane!" he said. "Even just the way the movie starts, you're like, 'How the hell are we gonna rate this thing? Triple R?'"

Apparently the film won't be calling upon recognised Hollywood names to play the parts of the band members, with the director instead preferring to cast unknowns. It's a shame because we'd already picked Johnny Depp as Tommy Lee, Jared Leto as Nikki Sixx, Owen Wilson as Vince Neil and Liza Minnelli as Mick Mars.