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David Redon

Ever wanted to see Beyoncé in a Soviet propaganda poster?

French artist David Redon blends vintage American ads with 21st-century icons

For Ads Libitum, the French artist David Redon has taken modern-day pop-culture icons and appropriated them for classic 1950s American adverts and wartime propaganda posters. If you've ever wanted to see Beyoncé re-imagined as a Soviet-era propaganda heroine, now's your chance. There's Major Lazer, Outkast and Snoop Dogg – hell, there's even one of Kanye West standing in for the iconic "We Can Do It" wartime advert. 

"For me, artists are like adverts for the people," Redon told us. "They care very much about their image and every detail is calculated, like in advertising. And artists have always been associated with advertising, because they are heroes to people who aspire to be something else. I think that art and advertising are very close today, artists have to sell like advertisers, advertisers use artists to be attractive, and artists use advertising techniques to touch more people."

If you're into Ad Libitum, you can check out more of Redon's work on Tumblr and Behance.