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courtney love on jay leno
Courtney Love on Jay LenoThe Tonight Show

Has Courtney Love found Flight 370?

The Hole singer has come up with her own theory on the missing plane, complete with earmarked satellite images

Let's all stop to consider one thing: how absolutely brilliant it will be if the person that solves one of the greatest mysteries of recent times is Courtney Love? Earlier today, the Hole singer posted screengrabs on her Facebook page of her using Tomnod, the crowdsourcing website that allows anyone to peruse satellite images in the quest to find out what happened to Flight-370.

Courtney admits "that she's no expert", but we applaud her joining the rescue mission with a very hands-on approach. As we reported last week, Tomnod asked for the world's help and Courtney's giving it to them.

What do you think of the image? Does it look like an oil slick to you?