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Can you help find Flight 370?

The satellite images company Digital Globe is asking for YOUR help to find the missing Malaysian airliner

The unsolved disappearance of Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 is a baffling aviation mystery. Now, an American satellite imaging company is launching a bid to crowdsource the search for the plane, asking the public for assistance to help analyse hi-res images of the region for any sign of the missing plane.

Colorado-based company DigitalGlobe has fixed its satellite cameras on the Gulf of Thailand, the area of sea where rescuers believe the plane is most likely to have crashed. Helpers have been asked to visit the website Tomnod and tag anything that looks interesting or abnormal: one pixel represents half a metre of ocean.

"Thousands of people are helping us in real-time", senior manager Luke Barrington told ABC News. "In many cases the areas covered are so large, the things we're looking for are so hard to find, that without the help of thousands of people online we'd never be able to find them."

Crowdsourcing images has also been used effectively in other disasters such as the tornado in Oklahoma and the floods in Colorado. 

Are you good at analysing satellite image? Think you might see things that others don't? Head over to Tomnod and help solve this mystery.