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"Desperate"Jennifer Chan

Girls Rule: The Artist Image Project #4 – Heart

Jennifer Chan, Hannah Black and others shoot straight from the heart to finish off our week-long visual arts essay

All this week, artists such as Jennifer Chan, Holly White and SALT's Jala Wahid have shared images around each motif. Check Girls Rule: The Art Project for more.

More than the central organ of the circularatory system, the heart is a symbol defined by affection and closeness - and that feeling you get when it breaks.  The binary distinction between mind and body, intellect and emotion, is pumped into us from birth.  Critical distance, objectivity and rationality enjoy priviledged positions, whilst feelings are guarded. Sending affection across the internet to one via many (<3) holds the potential for a collapsing of closeness as people reveal their loves, lives and losses in real time. Contemporary artists and writers are exploring this, working through an embodied critical practice exploring subjectivity and experience.  Here, 5 artists respond to the heart.

We don't go to work

Hannah Black,


"On a search for images of idealized masculinity, I found an image that illustrated my failed heterosexuality. I found "3D rendering muscle man hugging woman from behind" while looking for muscle images to put in my last video. I felt for the muscle man. I saw myself in him." Jennifer Chan,


"Our imaginations can take us in seconds, from Brisbane to Borneo and back via Bangor. But our imaginations can't cope with some realities, like the fact that time has no beginning and no end. That's too mind-boggling for any of us. We have similar troubles when we try to think about deep emotions. Feelings belong to the heart not the head. They are, though, very important. In your life now, logic must take second place to sensitivity. There's nothing to fear. – Jonathan Cainer Your Week Ahead, 17 February 2014" Candice Jacobs,

look right. Straight through somebody

Hannah Perry,


Holly White,