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Salt: Peckham Week

The art-slash-feminism DIY zine publishers tell us why they love living in Peckham

All this week, we'll be running articles about and around Peckham, the area of south London having such a moment right now. Expect articles on King Krule, digital art, gangland, the pre and post-clampdown squatting scene, all-night dancing, self-publishing and fashion chicken shops. On top of the bigger features, we'll be riunning a portfolio of the people that make this place so fun. Click here for more 

SALT. is a Peckham-based self-published contemporary art and feminism magazine, which aims to give a platform to artists dealing with the political within their work.They've published four issues of their zine and hold exhibiitons at Arcadia_Missa gallery. Keep an eye on them over on their blogspot, they're totally awesome. 

Hey! Tell us about yourselves.

SALT. aims to bring feminist issues, and the connected conversations surrounding the various registers of patriarchy to the forefront of discussion. It must be made clear that SALT. is not a magazine for ‘women’, we do not accept, nor do we want to reinforce, the binary of genders and attempt to include content that is accessible to, and representative of, all bodies. To not do so would be to ignore the intersectionality of oppression. We publish essays, art writing, poetry and art works as well as holding lectures and events, previous speakers include Nina Power, Simon Bedwell and Bonnie Camplin. 

How long have you lived in South London?

We've lived here for 4 years

Recommend a band / writer / artist that you dig from around these parts.

Most of our contributors live in or around the area, they're all pretty great.  

What's your favourite thing about the area?

Cheap make-up

Who's your favourite resident?

The friends that live there. 

Where should people check out?

Arcadia Missa, we held our 3rd issue launch there and are stocked in their bookshop, plus they're always doing something interesting.   

What does the future hold for the part of town?

Probably lots of bougie bars, TBH. 

Where's the best view?

Nunhead Reservoir is close by.